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I Did the Strangest Thing

 This weekend I fully enjoyed myself by just being myself.  For ten months, I have put others in front of me, even during my birthday. This weekend, I TRULY TOOK MY LIFE BACK.  I stayed in bed until about 10:00 a.m on Saturday until I had to get ready for my grandsons football game.  We enjoyed the children although some parents are more competitive than others.  I "took myself" on a date to a fundraiser shortly after the end of the football game which was a blessing in itself.  Everything, on this day, was planned. I knew I wouldn't do any work for business or rideshare, so I enjoyed the time to relax and not rush off into the day. The night ended well and then the next day was upon me.  My spirit felt anxious. I knew I couldn't move right into my day. I felt as if I would combust if I got up and tried to tackle the day doing everything outside of the house when nothing was getting done in the house.   I told God, Sunday morning, I didn't want to drive today. I j

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