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My Entrepreneurial Reality

If the road every person trying to build a business was perfect we all would have nothing to say.  We would have thousands of dollars to pay all bills on time or to reinvest in our businesses.  We would have thousands of dollars to pour into others as they build their businesses.  We would have thousands of dollars to put into tithes every month.  Yep...if the road was perfect that would be us.  But it's not.  So what is the reality?  Well, I don't know yours, but let me share with you my reality.  I have people challenging my walk with God in reference to my business brand and why B.A.D is even in existence. I also have people challenging my spiritual self as if I'm not real about anything I say or do--can I tell you something?  I don't care.  I have to follow what God has said to me and how HE directs me. IF another person or a potential client isn't understanding of that, it changes the entire dynamic of my business brand.  I've been through too much over the

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