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The Tale of Three Olivias

This is going to be hard to write.  I'm sitting here not sure what to say but the reality of what is embedded into my spirit must be told.  You will find more of my personal insights on this on my podcast Visions and Dreams   The three Olivia's starts with the training God put me through in 2014 where one of the main characters' name was Olivia. She had some of my spiritual similarities; prophetic occurrences, a servant to others, weak in some areas, strong in others. She was me.  The second Olivia is Olivia Pope from the television series Scandal. (I wrote briefly about how I am/was her about six years ago.) I'm a problem solver. I want people to win so I provide solutions for them to win.  The problem is no one wants to win for themselves as bad as I want them to.  The last Olivia could have been the second Olivia as she's a character in a very short story in the Damia Willis franchise. I haven't finished it yet, but she is prominent. The spiritual connota

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