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Stand in Faith One of the best benefits as an entrepreneur is to know that God gave you the gift that you have. Realizing that you have gifts from God that can give Him glory is essential for your mindset and your growth. It shows a lot about your relationship with Him.  One of the things that I learned over this last week of self-care, by the benefits of my cousin, is, God never stop showing us who we are, and what we’re capable of. He also never stops, showing us how he will take care of his own children.  I have always been in a position of learning when it comes to my gifts, especially my spiritual gifts, as well as my gifts as an entrepreneur. In this past week, I believe that my branding is changing, and my instructions have heightened. There’s nothing wrong with changing your branding. There is nothing wrong with moving forward the way God tells you. This is a spiritual fact, as I tell everyone that everything is spiritual, because I know that God is in the forefront of everythi

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