Membership Benefit Series 2

  This series helps you decide why joining memberships are beneficial for you and your business will be clear and concise from the perspective of member and coach. 

Benefit #

2. You can move in silence, but you don't have to suffer in silence.

Memberships (networks) help you learn what you need to build your business, but it is the one-on-one with your coach, in our case, counselor, which helps you stand on what you already know helping you to build from your experiences. 

This is what you call growth in your personal, spiritual self, as well as your entrepreneurial self. 

In the past year, the B.A.D.  Queens of the Roundtable Network has grown, but also pivoted. The investment now includes two options, one without contact with the coach, and the other close contact with the coach monthly if not daily. (I know I know) 

The purpose of the network is not just to teach you, but to push you past where you are. 
What is the difference between B.A.D Queens and other membership networks? 

We walk, run, and sleep by faith. 
We don't add God, God adds us. 

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