My Fees Went Up


There is always a time where you won't be for everyone and everyone won't be for you. 

What happens when you have what it takes to go the extra mile in your services for a potential client and they don't want to work with you because you're fees are too high? 


Why? How? 

Queen, you know your worth and your experience speaks for itself. Here are a few reasons why my fees went up:

  • I watch my clients prior to their one on one with me; I watch what they share on social media and what they are investing time in. (time = money) 
  • I hear what a potential client says about scheduling an appointment through my booking tool that requires a fee (also a cancellation fee if they don't show up) 
  • I look at my experience say enough is enough. 
  • I pray about what God has told me to do and what He has given me to work with.
You don't need a list like I have to raise your fees, you can just raise them BECAUSE YOU CAN. Either way, it's your business that answers THEIR PROBLEMS. Period. 


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