Art of Learning

 There is always a challenge in life when it comes to building a business and being affected in said building. 

For over twenty years, I have been working on the entrepreneurial “Dana”; who is she? 

She is me.
She is strong, courageous, bold, and sassy. 
She is cut throat when it comes down to releasing the facts. 

She is loving and she is daring. 

Yet, she WAS hiding behind a fear where deliverance is necessary. 
Here is where the art of learning is necessary. 

  • Stay in the presence of God to hear.
  • Move past the drama of life and relish in the grace, favor, and mercy God has given you. 
  • Write down everything; journaling is necessary. 
  • Put action behind your goals and move in silence. 

This is what I’ve learned in the past two months. No matter what you want, what you knew, and where you WANT to go, you have to learn and apply along the way. 

Learning is necessary. 
The art of learning is applying what you’ve learned. 

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B.A.D. Coach Dana 


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