I Did the Strangest Thing

 This weekend I fully enjoyed myself by just being myself. 

For ten months, I have put others in front of me, even during my birthday. This weekend, I TRULY TOOK MY LIFE BACK. 

I stayed in bed until about 10:00 a.m on Saturday until I had to get ready for my grandsons football game.  We enjoyed the children although some parents are more competitive than others. 

I "took myself" on a date to a fundraiser shortly after the end of the football game which was a blessing in itself. 

Everything, on this day, was planned. I knew I wouldn't do any work for business or rideshare, so I enjoyed the time to relax and not rush off into the day. The night ended well and then the next day was upon me. 

My spirit felt anxious. I knew I couldn't move right into my day. I felt as if I would combust if I got up and tried to tackle the day doing everything outside of the house when nothing was getting done in the house.  

I told God, Sunday morning, I didn't want to drive today. I just couldn't do it. The peace I felt in making that choice was wonderful. Then, I panicked saying Lord, this means I have to trust you immensely. 

Well, duh! Is what I said to myself because trusting God isn't hard; letting go is hard. The Holy Spirit allowed me to sit, read and relax. 

Until I heard get up, about three times in my spirit. It was time to get the day started. 

The strangest thing I did this weekend, was put myself first. In doing so, I got rest, added a rug to my sitting room, helped a publishing company add writers to their roster, and finished a book I was reading. 

When you completely trust God, you are free to be yourself. You are free of worry about other people and free from the cares of the world the way THEY SEE IT. 

See God. 
Trust God 
Be free!

God bless! 

B.A.D. Coach Dana


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