I'm not a Millionaire...Yet

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It takes a strong person, with great humility to tell you where they are NOT. 

That would be me. 

I am not where I want to be but I haven't stopped walking this narrow road to get there. 

I'm not a millionaire, et al, yet. 

Here's why (take notes): 

  • When 95% of your business can be done from the comfort of your own home you need to show up...period. 
    • I wasn't showing up as consistently as I should have been for my business on my social media accounts. 
  • I let my personal life interfere and mess with my mind, thus causing doubt in everything. 
    • I have lost in so many personal areas this year, the plus was my fiftieth birthday and the realization I am somebody! 

  • I allowed my want and need to help others get in the way of accomplishing many business tasks God gave me. 
    • When you say yes to God, other people take a back seat. 

  • Not being a millionaire is my fault. 
  • Not stepping up and staying focused is my own fault. 
  • I have no one to blame but me. 

So in blaming myself, here is what I'm doing and you'll see as it all comes to pass. 

I'm showing up for me.

In doing so, I am showing up for all of you that have been looking for me to finish, support, and build. I am showing up. It's the last quarter of the year! 

It's important that you show up no matter what the world tries to throw at you. Stay focused on what's ahead and not what is around. #catchthat 

When you decide to be real, and transparent, you're doing best for you and for your clients. 

So, let's get this! 


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