From the Queen to the Lady in Waiting

Open Letter to Myself (2023-2003) 

Dear Dana, 

First off, let me tell you something: you are part of a royal family. You won’t understand it all even from my letter, but you will be able to pray about this as the years go along. 

Now, listen, you made a heart decision this year. You are in love with the possibility of love and what the future may bring, but let me tell you, from this point in time of your life, where do I stand? –the future of this decision is very bleak. 

There is hope. 

Your relationship with God is elevating. You have more than hope and more than a wing and a prayer. You have instructions deeply embedded in you that only God can give you. In the next few months, God will put someone on your job, to help start the process of eliminating the spiritual scar tissue of your past and increasing your prophetic knowledge. 

I know, girl, it was a mess. 

What I will tell you, is that no one else will, you are amazing. You are strong in your weaknesses, and you will keep people wondering. Because that scares people you will be belittled, you will be talked about, and people will sit on the porch discussing what they can’t explain about you. 

Even now, as I write this, it gives me chills knowing everything you went through could have been so much easier knowing where you would be now and how much further we must go. 

Right now, in 2003, you are a lady in waiting. You are a woman trying to build a family and be the epitome of the Proverbs 31 woman. Honey, if I could actually go back in time, I would tell you you’re wasting God-ordained time on the wrong person. Yet, if you don’t go through this, you won’t know what you deserve and what you’re capable of. You won’t learn the things you need to learn, you won’t help the people you need to help and you won’t be able to write this open letter to yourself. 

Today, twenty years later, you are queen. You are walking in that royal priesthood God’s word speaks about. 

You have friends who have, inadvertently, changed your name to Queen and you respond as such. God will continue to bless you in those rooms and give you direction as you go. 

There is nothing wrong with you, you just don’t fit into the societal norms. You are in this world but not of it. You are part of the royal priesthood and people will love and respect you as such. 

When the time comes, you will know to apply pressure on yourself, because you are pressure. When the time comes, you will know how to apply spiritual insights to everything. When the time comes you will know all that you are going through is not in vain. 

Lady, you may be waiting, but know this, your crown is in good hands. 

See you at the top, Queen. 


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