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Faith the Fear



You are at a point to increase your income bottom line by gathering what 
you need but building with what is already in you. 
The seven things needed to faith the fear and RUN are: 
  1. Evaluate Your Assignment
  2. Find Scripture Regarding Your Assignment
  3. Write the Vision
  4. Set Goals
  5. Obtain an Education (Coach)
  6. Disconnect from those not helping you in your assignment. 
  7. Research and connect with those who will help and push you. 

Consider now, how you want to continue in business and life and allow ME to help you. Join the Faith the Fear initiative and movement. A challenge to help you move past the fork in the road you have seen as a hindrance. Find out where you left the momentum! 

Where has that momentum gone?
If you were part of the initial live recording on Instagram you know the purpose of this group is to help a multitude of women business owners WHERE THEY ARE!

What do you get here?

ONE MONTH of PUSH and accountability.

ONE MONTH in the initiative to get it done, why and how.

YOU WILL USE GOD'S SCRIPTURES to build your wealth and you will walk in FAITH every step of the way this decade.

My experience in the past five years helps me to help you FAITH THE FEAR!
In four weeks you will create a great foundation for building your business. 
In four weeks you will set up connections, and learning to increase your buisness. 
In four weeks you will ask questions and be trained on how to be the bigger person in a world full of fear. 
You must do the work in four weeks. 

Register right now for $79.95 for 4 weeks starting January 4, 2021.


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