B.A.D. B.O.S.S. Queen Language

 A few days ago, I saw a post about love languages and thought, business women have a language. Yet, B.A.D. Queens have a love language as well it's just for business. The B.A.D. B.O.S.S. Queen is the one who knows how to apply it all!!!

You can add to your own, but this one is the epitome of a B.A.D Queen 

  1. Prayer/Reflection
    1. You must be in a place of prayer before your feet hit the floor. 
    2. You must understand getting direction and reflecting on YOU in obtaining that direction. 
  2. Help Others
    1. You weren't given the gifts to just help you and leave a legacy, you are here to help other build and leave legacies as well. 
    2. It's not about you
  3. Get the Bag
    1. Everything about your business started with answering the call and then making the money. 
    2. Know your numbers then relax as it all comes in 
  4. Invest the Bag
    1. Take out your 10% for you 
    2. Take 10% to invest back into your business
    3. Take another 10% to invest in stocks and build more wealth 
  5. Give God Glory
    1. No cap
    2. God gave you the mind to build the business

Blessings to you, yours, and your business! 


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