Jesus Take the Wheel was my Prayer

 If I had to tell you a story and start with something other than let me share something with you, I would have to start with, I asked for Jesus to take the Wheel. 

In so many words, I asked God what and why? 

What is going on and why is this happening ot me? 

I even said, what am I doing wrong? 

The answers showed up in an all too familiar situation: I was giving all of me receiing nothing in return. I was holding down everyone while no one considered holding me up. 

Two weeks ago, I decided to take my life back. The Lord showed me, I'm giving what He created to help feul others.

My mind was made up to take my life back and get back on the tracks for peace and growth. 

This week,  I will be sharing with you all of my platforms, how and why I did it! 

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  1. When we give God the wheel to our life, He certainly gives us peace on our journey.


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