The Challenges of Life

This year came in taking names and leaving no witnesses. The entire US is freezing as of today. Snowstorms, rolling blackouts, and ice storms blanket the country. 

Yet, here I sit, working on everything I possibly can to help my business move forward. 

I could ask what you're doing but the point is to let you do it! 

This snow day is a blessing in disguise. I have needed to be at home to take care of home for weeks. I pray I can get things done. 

These are the challenges we all face. 

It's called LIFE. 

The challenges of life are so important to your growth in business, sometimes you miss it; why? 
  • Because it hurts. 
  • Because it is difficult
  • Because you can't easily explain what you're going through to someone you know. 
  • Because it is your life and you wonder if anyone actually cares. 

Someone does. 
Even if it's just me, I care. 
Again, the challenges of life are so important to your growth in business. 

When you have to show up in spite of the circumstances, please know you got this! 
Why should you show up? 
  • Because you are blessed
  • Because you are anointed
  • Because you are destined. 

You know, for your life, you must sit in the spaces of learning then applying. 

Enjoy the day! 
Take on the tasks for your business and stop worrying about the challenges of life! 

Love you much, 
B.A.D. Coach Dana 


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