Circle of Influence

There is this circle, you are in, that influences you when you don't even know it. A woman, a man, a preacher, or a teacher, who says something you catch in passing, that encourages you. You take the time to share that with the people who are directly connected to you and they "like it" might even "share it", but that's as far as it goes for them, AND for you. 


Your actual circle of influence is a direct reflection of who you are. What does this mean Coach Dana? This means you look at the five people closest to you; what are they doing? What are they not doing? If they are negative all the time complaining about every little rain drop, they are not for you and your future. 

Do you ever take a minute to sit back and think about what you're doing and say isn't for me/ Do you look at the people aroound you and say, No, I can't with you any more? Do you ever...wonder? 

If you haven't, do it now. 


You must see where the change in your circle needs to happen. In all honesty, it starts with you. Look at you and decide you are blessed, anoinnted and destined for greater, but you must be in a place to feel what you see; thats not in your circle. 

What are the steps Coach Dana? 

  1. Ask God for forgiveness. 
  2. Ask God to help you see you. 
  3. Ask God to open your eyes to the people around you. 
  4. Ask God to remove those not ready for you and the purpose HE has for you. 
  5. Ask God to give you the strength to get through and LIVE!
  6. Ask God for a new circle of influence. 


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