Who Are You?

 The Bible says to let others speak highly of you and NOT you.

Today I had to make a decision to show up for me and put my hand to the plow for DANA while still keeping my mouth shut. Why? Because you can KILL your entire spirit showing up for other people listening to the false prophets push you into something God never intended.

When I talk, you will hear me say, hey....what did God say? What God told you isn't what he told me. AND what he told you that involves me should be a confirming word, not just an instructional word.

Put some things into action the way God said and never the way people expect. You will find yourself conforming to men/women and not to HIM.

When we leave this earth we will have to answer for that...

You are whom God said you walk in your greatness. Time is of the essence and NO ma'am. It doesn't look like the religiousness we have been conformed to for so long.

I am whom God has called me to be and  I know I am not walking in my full potential; that is changing! Be encouraged and inspired to be all no matter what the rest of the world is doing. 

When you ask yourself who you also ask, whom are you answering to. You are not answering to others, you are answering to God only! 

God bless you! 


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