Oh yes, you read right; what kind of title can I put on this entry? 

I don’t know. I just don’t know. 

Here’s why: I need to share so much without saying ‘in the next blog post’. 

As a business and lifestyle counselor,  I have put myself on blast many times. I have struggled with rejection, and then wondered why I have struggled with rejection when I know who, and whose, I am. 

So the reality today is realizing God gave me the ability to obtain wealth. What does that look like? It looks like this: 

Now, what do we do with this newfound reality? We move. Take action right now and move. Because everyday things will change. We can't title what that is, or even put a meaning to the change; there is just change. 

When you look at life and say whoa wait--this has nothing to do with my goals, what do I do? You move with the change. Never think you can't create wealth because of change and never think you have to put a name to a problem. Find the solution and, again, move. 

The basics of building wealth are taking action. Stay ahead by knowing you can take action when problems arise and never let them see you sweat. 

You are a wealth builder! 
There, there's the title you need!

B.A.D Coach Dana 


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