One Woman Conference

 The power to do a 'thing' comes from the ability to know you have such power. This power is not about strength but faith in the one being that made you. 


The understanding I have to do this THING was a struggle in the past seven years no matter where I thought I was or I am.  The power and ability comes from the anointing. 

Am I speaking highly of myself? On the contrary; I'm just stating what I ran from for so many years. The reality of running has hit me head-on in the past few months and I can't run from it any longer. I must travel with the current. 

Amidst a pandemic. 

I am finishing this race during a global pandemic, asking God what is next? The next comes from the obedience and the factors within, coupled with the power. 

Seven: Completion is the one woman conference spanning over four months. September 15th through December 20th will give the highs and lows the last leg of the race. It's almost like traveling around the world with nothing but a backpack. 

So much will happen in the next few months, I can't even tell you all of what it will be. 

I can't explain the launches, the evolving of different services, the tears, and the changes for us, together. It's so much and God is at the head. 

Remember I stated obedience is the is. 

My experience comes from my obedience. 


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