Not the Money

 Everyday, entrepreneurs are faced with what what to do to meet their income goals. We create content, promote and market as if we're selling something. 

Well, we are. 

We're selling US. We're selling the BRAND we're trying to build. Basically? Our content is the lemonade stand to the juice bar we're building for our future. 

Bad analogy, but you get my drift. 

Yet, what I have shared with my social media tribe is about the bottomline, and the bottom line can't be be about the money. It has to be about the planning and preparing to GET TOWARDS the money, but  not about the money. 

If you consider its about the income, building relationships for repeat customers will never be your outcome. Ask yourself what do you want? More word of mouth sales or more we saw your social media post sales? 

One of the things I know to do is meet you where you are! I have a planner created to set goals (monetarily or not) for your business each quarter. The Business Bottom Line planner is sold online in print form, but I am offering it to you as an e-book for $5. 

The purpose of me doing that now is to help you get past where you are RIGHT NOW in time for Black Friday and the New Year. Are you ready? 

I hope so. 

You have 45-days a quarter to keep preparing for the next 45 days. 

Click here to get your book. 


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