Air Off Opened Door

Why do I open my front door and turn my air off in the  morning? 

  1. I like sitting on the porch with my coffee
  2. I like having fresh air circulate through the house
  3. I like the sounds of outside coming in

Why is this important for me to share with you? 

Since Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on our lives, we have been afraid of opening up to allow any parts of the outside in. We need to continue living no matter what new processes take hold of us. 

Is this important for business, ministry and life? Yes. 

Let's look at this with the latter first: 

Life: We must be in a place of continuous living no matter what sickness or death is on the outside. We must keep moving forward as God allows us another day to live and love. Life goes on each and every day with the rising of the sun or the falling of the rain. 

Ministry: We can't minister behind closed doors all the time. We must sit on the porch. We must pray on the blocks. We must walk the parks and speak to the people. Social distancing and allowing God to direct our paths as such. 

Business: At some point, you have to deliver an item in your city or they  must pick up. You have to pop up and you must speak to people about the sales you've having. You must, build relationships. 

So open the door---today. 

Love you much! 



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