Take a Suggestion

Hello all!!! It's me again! 
I've been wondering....

Why don't we take the suggestions given to us? 

It's amazing, no matter what you do, whom you pay, or how you pray, when the answers show up for you/us, the suggestions are turned away. 

We will listen and just not do; not because it isn't God ordained, but because we just don't want to do it. 

I could ask the question as to why we do that? -We need to change why, and just do. 

When you seek God for help in your business endeavors, don't fault the messengers He sends because you don't want to do the tasks at hand. 

  1.  Pray and say, God is this from you? 
  2.  Put action into your response; move faster than you have been. 
  3.  Understand every good thing for us may be hard for us to do. 
  4.  The goal is to know you can take instructions from above and apply them here on earth. 

Have a blessed day! 

Love Dana 


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