Where Was I?

This is one of my many blog posts for you as we end out this decade.

I was listening to a ministry live on Facebook and knew it was for me at this time. I knew it was for me to change what I had agreed to because God hadn't agreed to it.

The message was for me.

There are times, I also know, that we who preach a message need to know when to END the message when the LORD says so.

At the end of this life, I asked myself, Where Was I?

This year, 2019, I did everything I wanted to do, what was asked of me, and what was helping me help others, I did.


Yet, I found myself wondering what I missed. What did I miss with all the certifications I worked hard for and did nothing with?

I missed the spiritual facts of my life in what I had done this year.
Those facts are the words of wisdom in the book of Proverbs.
I understand wisdom. I understand knowledge. I see the wisdom and knowledge of my life  God has shown me.

Where was I?

I was in the section of my life where I needed people to agree with me.
I was in the section of my life where I was scared of rejection.
I was in the section of my life saying what I need but I forgot what a woman told me months ago: What do you already have? What have you already done?

I am not your friend.
I am your sister in Christ.
I am your Coach.
I am your motivator.
I am your representation of the truth is.
I have seen GOD in so many ways of my life---JUST THIS YEAR---I won't run from what HE gives me every day, because I know what is coming.

Where I WAS is not where I AM nor WHERE I'M GOING!


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