What Was My Mistake?

At some point, you need to ask God what you did wrong?

If you are not where God said you should be, this is a question that needs to be asked. 

Asking isn't saying you're always wrong or you're not on track, asking is saying I may have missed something so what do I do? Where was my mistake? 

What I know, about 2019, is my life has been in my hands. My choices should be in line with what God has said.
Some have been.
Some have not.

What was my mistake?

I got weary and worried about other people.  My mistake was, I forgot GOD in my life and what HE SHOWED ME.

The problem we have, right now, as women in business, is we keep up the worry about what people think.

We don't ASK the hard questions, because of what it looks like to others.

Ladies, we don't have time to make the wrong choices outside of God's instructions.

What YOU need to go into the next DECADE is all of GOD'S instructions (wisdom and knowledge), coupled with your YES.

There is nothing more satisfying than recognizing what you're done wrong and what you need to do for growth.

Let's go!


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