Sixty Days that Changed my Life

We're just going to get down to business.

God said to me in August to get away from posting on my main Facebook page. I couldn't make a decision on how to do that.

God sent a messenger to say GET OFF your main page, keep posting to your groups and business pages; let the people see your success after SIXTY Days.

Today is day ONE of the new ME.

Today is the day I release what I've learned in 60 days.

God told me.
God sent a messenger.
God instilled more in me in sixty days and


The challenge of my life, to change my life, was filled with new ideas, understanding how special and strange I am, what I bring to the table and why He created a seat for me in front of my enemies. 

In the Sixty-Day Experience, I share with you seven points of growth in business and in life. 
I have elevated, but I have not arrived. The point of this is to say, YOU can get to what God has for you if you just do what He says WHEN He says it. 

When I tell you it was tough to remove myself from my comfort zone and keep my head down, I am saying IT WAS TOUGH!!! 
Very HARD. 

But I did it. I learned I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but I am a child called by God. YOU BETTER UNDERSTAND YOUR YES!!

I am not a best-selling author, yet after my sixty days, I am a business and lifestyle counselor who is being shared for her wealth of knowledge and experience; using the same pieces of me to help others grow. 

How has this changed my life? 

I am no longer showing up for the people who don't understand what I bring to the table. 
I am no longer looking to prove who I am to me, or others, but I'm going to show up and PLACE myself in the right rooms. 

You see, daily, God drops in my spirit who I am; I have been running from her. During these sixty-days, He's sent people to remind me of who I am; people that have only met me one-time for about 5 seconds. 

The 60-Day Experience is filled with something to push you over the edge of where you are and to push you past the fork in the road. 

Book here for the first, two-day session scheduled for November 6th and 7th for $49.95

I am Dana Williamson, Business and Lifestyle Counselor: PUSHER! 


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