Set Apart: Are you Really?

I ask myself, daily, what are we looking at? 

As a woman entrepreneur, building the #BADBrand is a day, and night, process. I must work work work, no matter what, what what. 

As I coach clients, everyday, I watch them on their social media profiles to find out what they aren't doing. I praise them for what they do, but I'm looking for where they are lacking. 

What I find is a client not listening to instructions, but also trying to do what the next woman does in her 'similar' business. 

This had me changing what I was looking for; I started watching each of my clients try to mirror a fellow group member or someone in their industry. 

It's a compliment if someone is trying to do what you do in order to grow. It is a compliment when people move past where they are as clients or members, and decide to be the coach themselves.  It's a compliment IF this person is doing something different than their sister/colleague/friend. 

Here's the problem: everyone thinks they can, but can they? Everyone wants to tap into the market, but can they? Everyone learns something and then wants to teach it, but can they? 

Yes, they can, but they need to be set apart. Being set apart is not just about being cheaper or being more expensive, it is about who you are as a person, entrepreneur, #BADBillionaire.

Ask yourself, as you are building your business, are you set apart and what is that? --what does that actually look like? 

For me, I'm reaching women of faith who are at a fork in the road in their business and life. Technically, I am the one who will tell you do it without fear, I'm also the one that will say you can do everything, but you have to be in a position to take the heat when folks tell you you can't. 

I had someone tell me today, DO YOU because YOU can. 

So DO YOU but make sure you set yourself apart from your sister! 



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