Tear Down and Build UP: The Glass Ceiling

One of the things I hate having a discussion about is the proverbial glass ceiling. Women are always trying to get through that glass ceiling. We're trying to get the same pay, respect, etc as the men. We keep talking about this ceiling as if...it...can't...be...removed.

Why?--anything built can be torn down and rebuilt differently.

When I started as an entrepreneur, I was hustling to get the sale and the reviews necessary to understand what my customers wanter.  I have to let go of the hustler mentality and do more. I'm a builder. 
I take issues and find a way to crush them.

My history:
Pregnant at 18 people said I wouldn't be able to do anything in life. I would have to let go of dreams of going to college and having any kind of fun. Being pregnant would change all that. I told them, WHO SAID? I set out to prove them wrong. My first glass ceiling was proving teen pregnancy and life issues were a myth. That was in 1989; we know, now, it is a myth. Starting with me, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and I can put action behind what's necessary.

The Glass ceiling must be challenged with the F's. Before I get into what those are you must BREAK the proverbial myth it even exists. Once you face that rebuild and

F: Forget the ceiling. You've heard of open room concept try open building. Think of it as the sky is the limit and never forget what the LORD says about your capabilities.
F: Forget people. There is nothing too hard for God; knowing this, keep in mind that people and what they think is a non-fact.
F: Forget the process. The process is what you have been taught for so long by people who are afraid to step out of the box and use what they know.

Now, let's tear down the building with the ceiling and build a new one.


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