My Nose is Bleeding

Recently, I wrote about the cheap seats.

I was not trying to be harsh just truthful. Now, after a few weeks, I have to share about getting nosebleeds.

When we worry about the low-priced products we have in the cheap seat social media outlets, we start to get a nosebleed. How? We continue to go up, giving away more than we desire, for the people who will not pay our worth.

My concern for you and my current clients is we will DIE for the $25 product or service than to push hard for the $99.95 or higher product/service. This is totally unacceptable because you are losing money. You are losing money, potential future or returning clients, and wealth. 

We do this because we are afraid of the success at the middle to lower level seats. Your experience helps you provide what you need for the cheap seats, and others. Just stop trying to make those 100 people buy at $25, move on to the other people. 

In order for your gift to make room for you, you must put the work in for that gift. This means, share with the cheap seats what you're doing, but go hard in the VIP or courtside seats to get what you're worth. 

Stop your nose from bleeding; here's how: 
  1. Look at the history of your sales from these platforms. 
  2. Ask yourself can you go through this again? 
  3. Your bank account is thirsty give it water. 
  4. Take time to hear what God is saying on building your business. 
  5. Someone is really looking for you and what you have, and they are willing to pay the cost. 

Tell them your services/products are priced accordingly. 


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