Undercover Testimony

I wrote my first testimonial in 2009/2010. It was hard to write as I had just discovered something in my marriage I didn't even want to face. It's funny, in hindsight,  I could have handled the issue differently and still wrote my book.

The other funny side of this is my father called me a liar when he read the book.
Insight: if you don't take an active roll in your child's ENTIRE life, don't respond to what you don't know anything about. 

Now, I am not about to belittle my children's father or berate my father; it's not fair to them. What I will say, the book was my first step at being naked and unafraid about putting myself as the victim.

Somethings we just allow and should NOT in our lives. When we do this we add to the heartache we don't deserve. Women, we put ourselves in situations because we think things will change. What if they don't?

Then we have to heal. 
Deliverance and healing. 

Which is why Smart, Saved and Sexy is so important. We have a story to tell. We have been delivered, we have been healed, and we have a testimony.

My undercover testimony is this:
I made a mistake.
I heard God, but I only heard PART of what God was saying.
I got married too quickly.
I hurt him.
I hurt me.
I hurt my kids.
I learned.
I taught my kids they don't have to do anything I ever did
We are whole now, after a divorce than we were married, and we're friends.

There is more to this story, but this is a start.

I need seven additional women to join this anthology. We're ready for you. Let's just get started. This initiative is going on year THREE. The release of this book will mark the importance of the woman that is Smart using her wisdom, Save by the Lord, and Sexy covered up.


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