They Can't Stop Me

.....Even if they tried

Hey all! 

I wanted to stop in and show you all the things I'm doing in the background of the B.A.D. Brand, but I couldn't share what without sharing me. 

This is a going to be a gallery of a story of woman whom was given 2019 to take by storm. 
Thank you for going through this piece of the journey with me. It's only May. Let's ride! 

I am Dana Unlimited. If you have not heard my story or purchased my e-book about being unlimited let me tell you. I am the Jack of all Trades, master of all. Everything I put my hands to, I do well; not just good but well. Yes, I rub some people the wrong way, and I may not say it the way the world wants, but guess what? I'm me. You're you. We're all in this together to build and help each other. 

I am Dana Marie; I don't always use my last name, because I know, when my husband shows up, my last name will change. I am Dana Marie; I am a B.A.D. Queen and I bring the round table for all of my fellow queens to join me. 

I am a pusher. 
I am a motivator. 
I am a woman of many talents, but I want others to grow. I am not only standing in my lane, I am walking so others can walk, run, roll! Do you understand? 

So, they can't stop me. 
You can't be stopped. 
Let's talk about that. 

I want you to watch me do all I am set to do; all the things God has given me to do, I am going to do it. I am a construction, design, decoration GENIUS! (that just dropped in my spirit) 

Not only can I NOT be stopped, not everyone can have me. 
This is not about ME, but about the results of what I'll do. 
This is not about my goals, but my obedience in accomplishing goals. 
Whatever YOU set out to do, tell them I CAN'T BE STOPPED

Now, I want to add something to this mix of words of wisdom: 
God is the director, creator, protector of your life. If you have any doubts, you are doubting what God set out to do through you. Yes, I know this is a possibility, because I have been there. You are not alone. You just can't stay in a place of doubt or fear. 
You CAN'T be stopped. 

The world is your OYSTER...

Love ya! 

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  1. Truly a out Your Father's business. AWESOME....SMR I appreciate the gift of you. Hallelujah


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