In a Name

In the past, I have shared how I got my first name.

In my podcast, BADFBI, I have shared how I had a dream about what my name was; everything in a name is tied to life and, sometimes, death.

But a name is not who you are, it is the title of the person, the body, it belongs to; who you are and what you are is in the definition of the name.

In a name, is the meaning tied to you no one knew until it was studied.

Dana means God is my Judge
But I had/have another name. Let me say now, my mother named me Dana. The Holy Spirit shared with me a name, but it is the meaning that is vital. This name means everything about me as things started to change in my life in 2014/15.

I knew nothing of this name until recently.

The search for the answer about the name put me face to face with myself.

In a name, you must decide if you want to say if you want to say my name is, who I am.
Why is this a factor? You can get lost in what people perceive of you  can live in what God has given you a glimpse of; in a name, is the glimpse of destiny.

In a name, I'm going to share, who I am:
I am a woman of God, spiritually intense, bold and brazen. I am called to bring life and prosperity. I am a creative and a builder. I am inquisitive, independant and I speak with great clarity and understanding. I am a peacemaker. I am complete with the love of my life. 

In a name, you have to understand the meaning. Remember Jabez's name meant pain, but his prayer, changed all of that. In a name is the I AM. God is the I AM. He should be found in you and your in Him.

Do the research about your name; go find YOU!

Love ya,


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