Somene Who Matches You

This year, I will be divorced four years. 

In these last four years, I have waited on God to bless me with someone I want; someone I don't have to fight in order to be first in their lives. (God comes before me...) 

So, I have been working in ministry and business trying not to focus on the fact no one showed up. 

I've been building business diligently. 

I've been co-leading a business networking group for over a year. 

Yet, this one day-This. One. Day.- a gentleman shows up and speaks into my life (prophetically, unbeknownst to him, so follow me) . Now, this gentleman was invited by his sister whom I know from other areas of my life. This gentelman is married, self-employed, etc. So, no, this was not my husband for those of you thinking so. 

We're talking business. We're talking meeting up and getting some things together between their (his sister and himself) and my businesses. 

Then he says, you need someone who matches you; you have the spunk, the fire, the move. He went on to say, I feel this from the spirit. You can't just have anybody on your team. 

This reminds me of my counsel to most business owners not to have a partner in the business. When you have a partner, you have to consider what they want or don't want, and if they see the dream and can work it out with you. 

For example, I know two brothers, that are making it as partners with Green up Solutions; they are owners in a JDog Franchise. They are doing it together. I'm so jealous. (I'm not) Yet, they knew they could do it and have. They may fuss or fight, but at the end of the day, they make it work. 

Then, there is another friend whom took on a partner, because he needed funds to continue his project. I was so deadset against it because he was looking at the financial potential, not at the possibility of losing his dream. He was losing. He lost. 

When you consider relationships it's the same thing. I know God has to be in it. My entire life is predicated on what God says, or sends my way. My significant other is a God Made Match; not just anybody. 

So, when this gentleman spoke into my life, he wasn't just talking about business, he was talking about the rest of my life. He was talking about what God will send. Neither he or his sister know my personal life in order to know what to say at any given moment. But the Holy Spirit knew what to say, why and how, and on this day, WHEN. 

IN business or in life, you need someone who matches YOU. You don't have to be 100% the same, like the same things etc, but you both must have the FIRE to want to achieve the same goals. 

My 'person' has to have, but God already knows 
Limitless Faith
Peculiar Thinking 

God bless! 


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