Unknown Hidden Motives

For the past few weeks, I have been challenged in completing tasks that will take my business to higher heights.

I have been putting myself out there to obtain what I know I need. It is just Dana. I am not in a position to take breaks or sit down and do nothing.

This is why this article is hard to write.

There are people whom have hidden motives for business women trying to do it all. What's their agenda?

Get you to lower your prices
Get you to to give something away for free
Pull you out of your character
Change your mentality about your business and your worth

You might say these aren't really hidden agendas; people do this everyday.
Yes, people do. The partakers of the hidden motiives are your friends. You A1 from Day 1. Your BFF. Your sister-friend.

Take heed, now, as you listen to how they talk to you about what you're doing.
Discernment is key. Pushing your possibilities above where you think you, and where others want you to be, is how you get past the hidden motives of others.

Let's go ladies!


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