Dana Un-Limited

I'm just going to be quick as I challenge myself to get this word out.

Many say "Jack of all trades, master of none." If you are a child of God, even Maury will say: THAT'S A LIE.

You can be all that God has given you to do. 
You can face all the obstacles no matter what the WORLD says. 
You can DO ALL things THRU Christ whom strengthens you. 

Are you ready to do it? 
What is holding you back? 

I'll tell you: REJECTION. 

You fear rejection and don't want people to judge you by what you are doing or what you desire to do. 
Let me share with you something else: GOD SAID...so HE IS the one you answer to; the rest are nonfactors in your life. 

I wrote an e-book about this and am starting the initiative for young women ages 17-24 to start a business, and DO MORE THAN ONE THING. We're about to take FAITH THE FEAR to an entirely different level. 

I am Dana Unlimted and I am blessed, anointed and destined for greater. What are you waiting on? 

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