Re-evaluation of Who you are and WHY!

Hey all,

I completed a recording today for IGTV entitled The Briefing. It was episode 13 and really hit home. It is the process by which I just do. It was personal because I had to say a word that is going to hurt some feelings. I had to call it like I see it.

Ladies, let me help you before I help myself, we are only as strong as our weakest link. Even now, I am sharing withyou as the Lord gives me to share. You can't face the world head on, unless you KNOW you can face the world head on.

So, here I sit, telling you to re-evaluate your business, your ministry, your life; you need to know why you're doing this. Who are you?

We, coaches and counselors, talk about whom is your target market, correct? Yet, if your target market is a faith-filled person of influence, such as yourself (or me for that matter), they are in the same financial tax bracket as you are, what makes us so special people on the same plateau as us, would invest in whome we are? 

Over the next few days, you will find out why I had to re-evaluate who I am and why. 

Blessings friends!

Dana Marie


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