Between the Pages

Have you ever asked God, what? why? or where? 

Have you ever listened to the answers? 

I have. I have listened, and watched, very intently. I have visions and dreams where God speaks ever so clear. 

YET, yet, yet, there are times God will speak through non-traditional means. I have been in awe with what He has revealed to me about me. 

I simply call this blog post, 'Between the Pages' because the Lord has helped me and revealed me between the pages of two books. I will not be sharing those book titles with you; they are my story, ladies and gentlemen; find your own. 

Nonetheless, as I was reading, had to put down the book a few times, pick it back up, say okay and cry a few times. This was where I was for two-three hours as I read the book without much interuption. I was drawn in by the storyline until 20% of the way, I hit pages reminding me of my own life as a child; my own relationship with my mother. 

Between the pages. 

Someone was telling my story. 

Last week, I read a novel where God answered my secret questions; between the pages. 

This means nothing to you, but it should. 
God releases what we need, what we want, and what we ask, any way He pleases. If we read the Bible, more than enough, we'll find our lives in those pages as well. 

Ask yourself, what are you open to receiving after asking? What are you open to allowing God to explain once you say, help me Lord? 

The various aspects of my life in the past two months, were clearly explain between the pages of two novels I probably never would have read just because. 

Don't let anyone tell you you're not ready for what God has for you when God is preparing you everyday, by any means necessary. 
Dana Williamson 
B.A.D. Queen of the Round-Table 


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