Don't be a Boss

The day I decided I didn't want to be a boss was the day I referred to a group of men as leaders. There is a strong difference between a boss and a leader. 

I want to work for, and with, leaders. There is too much happening in our lives not to be led whether in business, ministry, or in our careers. 

The definition of a boss according to  
A person who makes decisions, exercises authority, dominates, etc. 

The definition of a leader according to
a guiding or directing head

A boss dominates
A leader guides 

I decided not to be a boss. 
I want to guide you into the assignments God has given you to do; I want to see you make it even if that means surpassing me. Every entrepreneur, especially women, wants to be a boss, boss diva, boss stats, etc. 
I desire to be #BADQueen and show #LadiesinWaiting to do the same. It takes a heart for another to do this; this is a leader. 

I want to work for, and with, leaders. 

We all have a future; it includes people we know and will meet along the way. Do what is necessary ladies to be a leader. 
Here are a few pieces of insight to help you: 

  • Remember it's not about you
  • Remember God called you to help others (business or ministry) 
  • Remember you have the solution; guide them into it. 
  • Remember your name will be made great, but not as the dictator
  • Remember .....BAD Queens sit at the Round-Table 

Dana Williamson
B.A.D. Coach, Queen, Motivator


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