B.A.D. Goals

I woke up one day and realized, eventhough I have been an entrepreneur since 1999, I have been working this as a hobby since that time.

Whew...Jesus, help me.
Being transparent isn't always easy.

I never stopped sharing, and helping others, but I forgot there is an INCOME bottom line. I need to make money. How do I do that? What do I do to do that? 

I set B.A.D. Goals. 
Now, mind you, I can share all types of scriptures, and S.M.A.R.T. Goal words, and create an encouraging visual, but it won't tell you, nor show what I'm doing. 

So, here are my goals; with these goals there will be some call-to-action for you. 

I am finishing the relaunch of the BQ Royal Business Magazine (after two years it will be free) 
I am expanding my knowledge base on a few things to take my counseling to another level, you will be able to see my triumphs at the ministry website
I am relaunching Damia Willis, FBI with the 3rd Annual Christian Author's Expo. 

You will notice, I said I am versus my goal is; this is where B.A.D. Goals gives writing goals a makeover. B.A.D. Goals is about accomplishing goals not just setting them. In 5 days, I want you to see what I've done. 

When you set Blessed, Anointed, and Destined Goals, you are not looking at what could be, you are looking at what is; try it today. 

Meet me back here in 5 days for an update! 

Dana Marie
Coach, Queen, Author, Ministry Leader


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