Your Voice

Everyday is a learning experience; you have heard me say that many times.

Yet, there are more times than not where we find, in the learning experiences, there isn't a voice in the wilderness for us. I want to encourage you to find your voice.

God is the creator of your life but you are the spokesperson IN THAT LIFE.
Don't ever put yourself in a place where you don't use your voice.
In my day to day, my boss says I'm sassy; guess what? I'm owning that! I'm sassy, cut, sexy, smart, and a force to be reckoned with; don't try my spiritual patience. 

There is nothing wrong with being bold about whom you are and why.
 If your voice is the only one in the wilderness, speak up. 

Be determined to smile, laugh, live, and love. 
I am. 
Naked and Unafraid to do what is necessary and bare all for the benefits of the women around me. 

Read more about your voice in my book Naked and Unafraid, releasing in October. 

Dana Williamson


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