No One Interviews Me

First of all, it comes down to a belief system.

People will either believe I'm about my Father's business or I'm just talk. What about what they see in my life?

I can't explain how good God has been without telling you what I had to go through to get to this point, but, GOD IS GOOD!

So, my belief system is God will provide all of my needs. God will take me to higher heights  and I trust Him.

But. Here I am. No one interviews me. No one asks me the questions needed to help them. Why?

Here's my answer as short as I can get it: 

No one believes my trust in God is laced with truth. No one believes I'm telling it all. The facts, the spiritual facts are what they are and that is, there are no lies. I don't need you to believe me, today, I need you to hear me. Interview the women of faith that have proof even if you don't understand that proof. Even if you don't see it, feel it in the spirit for yourself.

No one interviews me, but it doesn't change the story.

I have an interview in my book, Naked and Unafraid that will wow some of you, shock some of you, and have the rest of you wriggling in your seats.

Get ready....
Be Blessed!

Dana Williamson
Expect the Unexpected


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