Dana Meet Dana

I met a woman in the past month who has truly shocked me and taken me out of my comfort zone. She is bold, vivacioius AND, if I were in to girls, I would honestly say SHE'S KINDA HOT. 

This woman has pushed me past my comfort zone with just two words: BE YOU. I'm looking at her like this
 what do you mean BE YOU? Aren't I doing that? 

Obviously, I'm not. 

So, she said be you and remember. Then God said, I sent her to remind you of what I have given you to do. 

I had to go back to when I was twelve and God whispered my name. Then I had to look at when I was twelve or fourteen, not sure, and I started writing my first piece of fiction. Then I had to remember when I was six and I was devastated about singing because my EVER LOVING MOTHER said I would never be a singer. Something about I couldn't sing all the notes to be FANTABULOUS. 

Whatever. But, that's why I have always been so...never mind. 

But this woman reminded me of God's voice from so long ago. To say she's amazing is really an understatement. She's bold, bodacious, vuluptous and a faith-prenuer GAME CHANGER. I have seen her take some people down about five notches with a coke and a smile, and still be oh so humble. 

I have watched her, in this past month, curl up and kill some folks. Can I tell you she has cursed folks out without saying one swear word? Well, even if I can't. I will say this, she has shown me more about me than I thought I knew. 

She taught me how to slow down. She taught me how to love me and accept me for whom I AM. How do you like that? First she said be me, then she said accept me. Wonderful woman of God. 

           DANA MEET DANA 
When I was reintroduced to myself. I found a woman who was not only naked and unafraid, but a woman who felt a spark which lit a fire, which opened a door I had locked so many years ago. I also found a woman with a lion's heart. 

I found me. In the last thirty days, I found another part of me that had been locked up afraid to come out. Now, I want them to stop me. I want them to try and stop me. 
They can't take what I know, what I've learned and who I am. 

Dana Marie


  1. This beautiful Coach BADD, you are inspiring thank you Sharing this.


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