Fix It

Last year this time, I wrote a blog about being like Olivia Pope; minus the sexual escapades with anyone out of marriage, I was a fixer. As I come to reflect on that statement, I ask myself, again, AM I FIXER?

The definition of a fixer
a : a person who intervenes to enable someone to circumvent the law or obtain a political favor
b : a person who adjusts matters or disputes by negotiation

The definition of a fixer is truly a problem solver. Today, I want you to find yourself in this definition and FIX IT!

I was a problem solver in corporate america; I was the one waiting to help someone else. I didn't know anything about letting people fall or covering my own behind. I was the PROBLEM SOLVER! I CAN FIX IT!

Whatever problem you have, or issue you can't shake, FIX IT. Instead of having New Year Resolutions, FIX IT! You don't like your weight, want to go to the gym or eat right? ---Fix it in order to resolve it.

I have four steps to take to fix your problems. Let me first give you peaceful insight: you have A CHOICE to be happy, and to take control. If God is the head of your life, you shouldn't be losing sleep over anything.

So, four steps:

  1. Prayer: Yes, prayer! Pray everyday and all day, but with INTENTION. Make specific requests to God in your prayer time. 
  2. Know Your Power: Your power starts in prayer. Your strength comes from God. When you have a s secure, intimate relationship with the Father ANYTHING CAN BE FIXED. There is nothing too hard for God. 
  3. Don't be Hard on Yourself: God has forgiven you. Forgive yourself. We all have made mistakes in life, we don't live in them or through them; we learn FROM THEM. 
  4. Hold Yourself Accountable to the New You: You want better so you'll do better. This is the last step of fixing it; you matter. Be accountable to the new you and what you want out of life. It's time. TODAY IT'S TIME! 

Now that you have the steps to get things going, STAY ON IT. Don't crumble under the pressure and don't forget you know how to give it to GOD.


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