I'm NOT Suppose to be HERE!

What kind of roller coaster have I been on since December 20th, 2013? The one that eventually stops and you want to ride again. 

So, want to ride again while I share a new testimony? 

Let's go. 

So, I got on a train from New Jersey and headed home. 

The Lord spoke to me on that train and said you know you should be headed to Washington, right? I'm thinking, so what do you want me to do get off? I'm not sure if that's what He wanted or not, because I didn't get off. 

Then, on May 22nd, my instructions changed. I had been in Milwaukee two weeks, staying in hotels, sleeping in the van (that I had to give up), and then wondering what was coming next. My instructions changed. I was not headed overseas yet. I was not leaving the states, yet. I had to wait for a confirming word about this INSTRUCTIONS. 

At the beginning of August, the LORD showed me Windermere, England. 
Let me tell you, I was so ready. Soooo, ready. But then NOT READY. 

Here's the truth: I know God will direct my path because I have seen Him direct me over and over in the past four years. I have also seen my hesitancy in what He has said. The thing here was, complete a travel search, find out what is needed, ask why there, do research, etc etc, ON AND ON. I never left. 

Here I am, November 2017, and I  not only DIDN'T go to England, but I've been with my daughter for almost six months. Five of those six months have been without a vehicle. 

My grandson spoke to me prophetically. He's FIVE. 
He spoke a home to me. The home manifested THE NEXT DAY. 

I'm not supposed to be here according to my own thoughts, but if I wasn't here would I have been blessed to have this home? Would I have been in position to meet kingdom minded individuals to help me fill the building I'm purchasing? 

Sometimes we speak to quickly. I say this as I get ready for my travels overseas with the team God put together. 

Blessings family!
Dana Williamson


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