Who am I?

There are times I wake up and just sit there looking at the ceiling. I sit there thinking WHO WAS I IN HEAVEN, before God sent me my parents and continues to help me here on EARTH? Who am I now that GOD keeps doing so many AMAZING THINGS IN MY FUTURE which HE shows me in my dreams?

In those times, I thank God over and over, and repent of anything I have done wrong. I repent because I become humbled in what I'm seeing. I am just like you, but I said yes over and over. I said yes and decided NEVER TO QUIT.

I'm a queen. Oh yes I am. Waiting in the background for my future king to show up; praying for him while I allow God to work on me for my NEXT LEVEL. Whatever is next doesn't change my goal; it may get harder, but I'm still facing forward.

When you get to this point, look in the mirror and ask yourself...WHO AM I?
Who am I destined to be?
Whom does the Bible say I am?

Do not repeat the scripture as repeating affirmations, but read, study and LIVE THE WORD ABOUT YOUR LIFE.
Never underestimate whom you are IN AND WITH GOD!


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