What time is it?

I used to love and still love Morris Day and the Time. One of their GREATEST HITS is What Time is it!  I'm humming along right now as I type this yet, I know this article is more about where we're going and not just where we've been.

If my goal were just about money, my time would be over; my understanding of what I need and where I'm going would be over. I know what I am capable of, and because I do, I ask you WHAT TIME IS IT?

What are you capable of? What type of life do you have now you may want to change? What has God shown you YOU NEED TO RUN TOWARDS?

I'll tell you what time it is: it is time TO GO. Time to move in a forward direction pushing you ahead of those afraid of what is next. None of us think we'll make it but when we do, it is a humbling experience. It is a feeling of accomplishments but not of boasting full of pride. I can tell you that the experience is so necessary and fulfilling, but you must GO. Change is necessary


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