Slap Adversity in the Face!

It has been ONE OF THOSE DAYS. 

You know the day where you can't even think of how to blink, swallow or walk? Yes, for me, TODAY IS THAT DAY. I woke up feeling like something is really OFF. Then I had to face the fact WHILE DRINKING COFFEE (not a good combination) and then DECIDE if I'm in the will of God for all I'm TRYING TO DO. 

That brings me to the first thought that came to mind as I was sitting in the library (office for the day): how does my face look in adversity? 

I wanted to DIE! I'm thinking, really? All the motivation you could muster and you thought of ADVERSITY! Well, yes, yes I did. Adversity means: difficulties and misfortune. 

I'm definitely going through difficulties, but it is par for the course as they say. I must, we must slap adversity in the face and quit acting like we cant' get through. I'M B.A.D. DANA. I can do this. God gave me strength to endure and scripture that reminds me the JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH. If I know JESUS BEAT DEATH, sort of speak, I KNOW I'M GOOD. 


We must face our difficulties with the mind that THIS CAN AND WILL BE DONE. We must look them in the face and say, WHOA now! You stepped up on the wrong one! 

Difficulties and Misfortune are temporary distractions come to sway you. Don't let it get you down. You got this! 

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