Get Rid of Your Priors

Priors means: preceding in time or in order; earlier or former; previous...

When someone wants to keep you on a guilt trip, they bring up your priors; things from your past that once hurt and/or hindered you. This type of person could be narcissistic, caring only for self and how they intimidate others.

You can get past your priors and the emotional turmoil by doing the following:

  1. Pray and ask God to show you where you you were originally hurt in a particular issue (this may mean a lot of prayer time and fasting)
  2. Ask HIM how you can learn from that issue
  3. Get delivered from your priors; ask God for a counselor that will help you get delivered and healed. 
  4. Become the voice and not the victim of your priors; testify how you got through and help others get through. 

What you allow can hurt you in the end; don't allow someone who wants to kill your momentum break you and keep you bound.



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