What the Heck is Forward Thinking?

So, for two weeks, I've been living in a hotel. I came back home and I'm in a hotel.  Today, I should be leaving for Washington, DC and I'm not. I'm not because I don't have enough money to leave. I have slept in my van for 4 nights out of the two weeks I've been here.
By the time you read this blog, I will be on my way to my next assignment and then on to where I will relocate and live. By the time you read this blog, sleeping in my van 4-5 nights out of the 14 days (as of today) I've been here will be history, hence, forward thinking.

There is a problem; forward thinking means looking at my experience while being in Milwaukee but not dwelling on it. Forward thinking means, I know, without a shadow of a doubt, God has me covered with provision for all the visions HE HAS GIVEN.

For women, it is hard to look forward when so many people in our lives take us back to where we were; take us back to the mistakes of our past never encouraging us into our futures. Forward thinking is the best and only way to come out of the box you've been in; come out and move forward! It takes faith to do it all and know that it can be done!


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