Your Territory has Enlarged

What do you do when you audience is no longer on Facebook? Where you have followers but not followers that want or can invest in what you have for them?

You stop and look at your building.

Not just the 'building' you're in, but WHAT you're building. What social media region are you in? How long have you been there? Who is in your circle of influence in that place? Is your mindset beyond where you are?

When I was younger, I saw shows about Tiffany's, Waldorf's Astoria, and more, and was convinced I would never visit, purchase, or be accepted in those places. Now that I am older and know what I"m capable of, I have changed my mindset which means seeing from a place of kingdom understanding. I have to visualize ME in place only B.A.D (Blessed, Anointed and Destined) Queens can stand.

I have seen what God has promised me, and I have heard him SAY what to do; which brings me back to the building. Because God has shown me, I can design what HE has given, thus becoming the architect of my future.
ar·chi·tecta person who designs buildings and in many cases also supervises their construction.

Kingdom Mindsets Play in Different Territories

My followers are all over social media, it could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn; either way, they are on social media. My audience are in two significant places, on social media, and they are looking for me. They are looking for the woman who steps, walks, and lives Faith, Holiness, Humility and Love. They are looking for the woman who will make them PUSH themselves past where they are hearing GOD clearly for accomplishing the goals.

My audience never moved. They just weren't on, all, on Facebook. I'm taking advantage of new territories. I'm looking at my building and saying how can I reach my target audience without actually moving my building and leaving behind so many of my 'team' in this region.

I don't.

I maximize my efforts be extending my work. I'm sharing on more platforms keeping my brand clear. I've increased my visibility to the networks that need what I have and I've reached out to people to partner with me on so many levels. It's a blessing to have the mind to know you are helping someone in one place but your territory has been enlarged to help others in another place.

I would love to build with you! Connect with me about joining the B.A.D. Royal Court. It's a win-win for us all.

Dana Marie


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