My Main Goals

Recently, I posted about B.A.D. Goals. These goals are really important to me; necessary for life health and strength.

I set goals. Everyday, broke, busted or disgusted, I set goals. Sometimes you have to set the goal that is necessary, BUT HARD. I am not a mind reader, but I'm also not a miracle worker.

WITHOUT GOALS, you try to become a miracle worker. WITHOUT GOALS, you try to be more than what you are and baby, that's not cool.

I set goals everyday because in the middle of my CONFUSING LIFE, I need stability. If I don't have stability I start acting like a teenager with NO GOALS.

So my main goal is no longer MAKING MONEY. 

My goal is to help other women;women like me alone in the dark who are the beacon light.  Making money, or increasing income is an added incentive, but it isn't my main goal. What do you consider your main goal?

Do you beat yourself up about not accomplishing your main goal or do you press until you win? What is the win? Is it one woman, one man, one sale? What is the win with the main goal?

I believe we all have a purpose to fulfill and the main goal is vital to that purpose, but, as a business woman, if that main goal is just MONEY..just money, YOU WILL NEVER REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.

My main goals: 
other women succeeding
helping others help themselves
changing communities


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