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Fear of the Unknown: How Quickly it Comes to You

Fear is so false. We talk about fear in all the things we do on a daily basis that we don't even realize we're scared of US. The problem arises when what we want starts to manifest then we question if that is exactly what we want. 

Now what is unknown, becomes known and the big picture is what? 

  • Rejection
  • Failure
  • Being Wrong
  • Struggle

All of these are how people perceive you; because you have focused on them, you allowed the unknown to be fearful and forgot about you. This can come as quick as waking up in the morning, at the coffee shop or in bed with your husband. If you accept it, and wallow in it your focus changes. 

Why is it a factor in your life? Why is it an issue what anyone has to say? 
  • You are strong. 
  • You are more than a conqueror 
  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made
  • You are blessed anointed and destined. 
There is no such thing as fear in your life because it is not a factor. 

I saw a show where an actor said 

Your focus, as I always say, should be on the end result, not the process to get there. 

Never let the unknoown take you off track. 

God bless! 


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