B.A.D. Dana: Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach

"I think your presentation was amazing. First it takes courage to stand and talk in front of crowds, second to be transparent, and third share your lessons in business and to encourage others to not give up or in. Your presentation was amazing." Felicia Dickerson

 "Your words at the meet & greet we heartfelt and real. Very relatable and easy to connect to you. Transparency with Testimony. I really loved your inspiring and motivating presentation.
True Diva!"
Cyrena Mahogany-Martin

"I help women; help them to start a business without losing their minds. I help women realize their true potential in being successful by using the resources they have, but don't know they have. I help women that are already in business organize their functional mess, to see where they are missing money/customers/clients because they can't see the forest for the trees. I am a blessed and anointed business, and lifestyle coach, because I look at the spiritual in all things and see past the surface issues in many lives." 
B.A.D. D.M.W. 

Coach Dana Neal is a sought after speaker and encouragement officer.  As a coach, she is touching the inner most parts of a persons life to build them higher in the things that are purposed by God. Coach Dana wants to build YOU by looking at your wants and needs in life.Coach Dana Neal works to build you; whether in business or in life, she works WITH you on your journey. Motivation is an essential part of a successful life and accountability from one person to another. We offer teleconferences, webinars, and business classes to assist in lifestyle growth. 


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